Modatex’s Innovative Solution Achieves Durability and Style with Permanent Pleating for School Skirts


A leading uniform wholesaler faced challenges regarding the durability of their school pleated skirts. Students and parents expressed concerns about the durability of pleats over time, particularly check-matching issues on pleated tartan skirts. This had led to a decrease in student pride and enthusiasm for wearing the pleated skirt.


In response, the school collaborated with a local tailor to create a hand-made prototype that reflected the school’s unique character. In order to turn the prototype into bulk production, the client partnered with Modatex to optimize fabric consumption. Modatex procured a custom-made pleating machine designed by our experienced team in Vietnam. Through multiple trials, we closely matched the client’s expectations, achieving permanent and 3D appearance pleats while meeting cost-saving targets.


The new pleated skirts were well-received by students and parents alike. Many students reported feeling more comfortable and were proud of wearing the new skirt, which helped to enhance school spirit and students’ confidence. Overall, the new skirt helped to improve the quality of the school uniform and increased the reliability of our client with their school clientele.

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